Head-to-Toe Radiofrequency Aesthetic Solution

Pellevé, advanced version of Surgitron Dual 120, with full surgical capabilities, is the only Ellman generator compatible with the GlideSafe and PelleFirm body handpieces. The 4MHz RF energy precisely heats the deep layers of skin without damaging the epidermis, result in collagen contraction and production.



  • Facial wrinkles and rhytids, skin tightening
  • Cellulite treatment, body contouring
  • Electrosurgical cutting and coagulation


Product Advantage:

  • Advanced cooling system, high durability
  • Assorted surgical electrodes and accessories available
  • 5mm GlideSafe® handpiece perfect for the eye treatment





Before & After



Before & After photos are posted for reference purposes, which are the real effect of treatments without any modifications, the individual results may vary due to personal skin/body differences.


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