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The Rumour

The Rumour




The safest and painless non-invasive treatment.

The Rumour 3D Hyaluronic Acid Microcrystalline Infiltration.


    • The world’s first hyaluronic acid microcrystalline application
    • The safest and painless non-invasive treatment
    • Micro-needles made by Hyaluronic acid
    • No risk, no side effects- no wounds, single use tips
    • Suitable for any gender, age, and skin types


Our “sebum, sweat and stratum corneum cells” make up the best natural barrier to protect our skin, which lead to a limited absorption for any skin products and facial masks to only 3-5%.


< The Rumour 3D Hyaluronic Acid Microcrystalline Infiltration>

The revolutionary breakthrough technology, using excimer laser and micro-casting technology to turn micro-hyaluronic acid molecules into a 3D pyramid-shaped structure. With the micro-vibration technology, which loosen cuticle and open skin microporous channels by up and down vibration. 72,000 micro-channels in the skin surface can be created by every 6 seconds, thereby increasing the penetration of skincare products and enhancing the skin absorption.

Once 3D pyramid-shaped hyaluronic acid contact with water, it will dissolve and penetrate the epidermis though the micro-channels, finally nourish and moisturize the skin cells.





Skin puncture experiment

The micro-channels could be observed through dye positioning after a micro-needle puncture experiment.



Single-point puncture by hand: only a small amount of shallow puncture openings (Middle)

Using the Rumour 3D Hyaluronic Acid tip for 15 seconds tapping: a number of deep and shallow openings are formed on the skin to enhance the penetration of ingredients(Right)



Comparison of the Permeability




Before & After


Before & After photos are posted for reference purposes, which are the real effect of treatments without any modifications, the individual results may vary due to personal skin/body differences.


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