Ellman Radiosurgery® System


The ellman radiofrequency RF source represents advanced radiowave technology that provide outstanding surgical control, precision and versatility. A radiofrequency electrode tip becomes energized by the high frequency energy but does not become hot. This energy provides specific and delicate tissue interaction, resulting in a focused cutting and coagulation effect, which disintegrates and volatilizes cells thereby minimizing the amount of lateral tissue destruction. Healing is rapid and pain is minimized with reduced tissue damage.


Surgitron® Dual/EMC90

The Surgitron® Dual/EMC90 system generates 90watts and operate at 4.0MHz in monopolar mode and 1.7MHz in bipolar mode.


Surgitron® Dual RF™120

For those doctors wanting to perform advanced surgical procedures. The Surgitron® Dual RF™120 system generates 120 watts of power and operates at 4.0MHz in monopolar mode and 1.7MHz in bipolar mode.



Dermatology, Otolaryngology (ENT), Facial Plastic, General Surgery, Gynecology, Ophthalmology/Oculoplastic, Oral/ Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Reconstructive, Podiatry, Proctology, etc.


 Product Advantage:

  • Distinct Waveforms for Optimum Clinical Outcomes (Cut, Blend, Coag, Fulgaration, Bipolar)
  • Precision
  • Less Burning or Charring of Tissues
  • Reduce post-operative discomfort
  • Quick Recovery
  • Excellent cosmetic result with minimal scar tissue formation




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