FlexSure™ provides deep tissue heating that penetrates the subcutaneous fat layer.¹ The applicator is built with real-time temperature sensing capabilities, allowing to simply peel, stick, and set the target temperature. This non-invasive, comfortable treatment provides safe and reproducible results every time.

1 for increased local circulation


  • Hands-free, the peel & stick wrappable applicator curves and conforms to the body area being treated
  • non-invasive deep tissue RF heating to the subcutaneous fat layer 1
  • Quick, 15-minute treatment per body area
  • Comfortable & customizable treatment with no downtime
  • FlexSure™ is safe for all skin types with no BMI restrictions

FlexSure™ provides wrappable design ideal for all body shapes curves and conforms to those hard to treat areas, including arm, flank, abdomen, leg/above the knee, etc.



Multiple applicator sizes fit various treatment areas. Applicator zones have adjustable temperature options for efficient and comfortable treatments. Custom temperatures can be set and adjusted in each zone throughout the treatment.




Before & After

1 for increased local circulation

The photos are not modified, individual results may vary.

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